Moles Creative Writing Group: 2015

These are the stories, for what they are worth, that I have written so far for the Moles Creative Writing Group during 2015.

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DateChairpersonThemeMy Story
January 27thRobertCounterfactual history Tom's Implausible Book
"Well," said Tom, as he closed the book he had been reading. "What a load of nonsense!"
February 24thJennieChanges to make Changes to Make
"There are changes to make - many changes to make,
"If we are to survive," …
March 24thDesmondHard of hearing
Bill & Bert
- Yes, it is, Bert; the Spring has sprung.
- What's that, Bill? You've been stung?

(As I was on holiday in March, I combined the two themes)
April 28thRobertSpring
May 26thSylviaStory/Memoir/Poem told in traditional style without script/notes No written story this month: just three memoirs prompted my my recent attendance at the final of the Leatherhead Drama Festival (see: May 11th Facebook post):
- of my schools days and how very different they were from that portrayed in the junior play; from the adult play,
- memory of the time a V1 just missed the roof of our house and exploded in a field beyond, and
- memory of the spontaneous bonfire and revelry on the night of VE day.
June 23rdPeterA Vision of the Future Mehmet's Flight
How would it all end, Mehmet wondered
July 28thPatAn Alternative Career The Ballad of Harry Masters & His Alternative Career
I shall tell of Harry Masters
And the various disasters,
Which throughout his working life were ever near …
No meeting during August
September 22ndSylviaRehearsal of own choices for the 'Arts Alive' event next month..
October 27th 'Arts Alive 2015.'
November 24thRayAn Inspiring Experience An Inspiring Experience
A autobiographical memoir of an inspirational experience and the inspirations they set in train which have remained with me till the resent day.
December 15thWendy"Golden Oldie":
an outstanding story/memoir/poem written several years back
The Turning of the Year
This dates from January 2008. It introduced Hadragum, the Neanderthal seer, and deals with the theme of the passing of the old and the coming of the new at several different levels.
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