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"The Moles" began in 1999 through the initiative of the Mole Valley Arts Development Service. It was known as "The Moles Story-Telling Group", and was still called that when I joined the group in January 2006. But being naturally creative, the group did more than just tell stories. In 2009, therefore, the name was changed to "The Moles Creative Writing Group." We are, however, generally known simply as "The Moles."

Except for August and December because of holidays, we meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month in Leatherhead, Surrey, in the United Kingdom. This town is situated on the River Mole, and we take our name from the Mole Valley, the District of Surrey in which we meet.

When we meet, we spend about half the time reading our own compositions to the group on a theme which has been set for "homework" for the month; then, after a break for tea & cakes, we have an exercise set by the chairman for the occasion.

On the navigation menu you will see links to the years from 2006 to the present in which you may read the stories I have written for this group. I do not pretend that these stories have any literary merit; but stories are meant to be shared so, after sharing them with my fellow Moles, I share them with anyone who may care to read any of them.

These stories are, of course, subject to the usual copyright regulations and permissions.

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