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Welcome to Ray's web-site!

The website of Raymond Armar Ignatius Brown

Welcome to my web-site.

On the menu in the righthand column you will see a link to a short biographical page.

Apart from that (and Home page and Site map) the site is divided into five sections. In the first two sections you may discover inter alia where my names, Raymond Armar Ignatius, come from:

  1. in the Credo pages I say something about my religious beliefs and explain why I chose Ignatius as my confirmation name.
  2. in the 'Genealogy' pages I have attempted to trace family background. Among other things, they explain where my parents got the names, Raymond Armar, from.

The other three sections deal with interests of mine:

  1. the Eteocretan languages arose from the thesis a wrote after research for my M.Litt. degree in the late 1970s and early 80s. The section is in two parts: one deals with background material including reference to other possible pre-Greek languages such as Pelasgian; the other contains the extant inscriptions.
  2. the Glossopoeia pages deal with an interest I had in my teens but which for many years lay dormant until I discovered the Conlang and Auxlang lists sometime in 1996 after the "Great Sundering" - I have since left Auxlang but am still a participant in the Conlang list.
  3. after retiring, I joined a creative writing group known as "The Moles." The opening page tells a little about the group and gives a link to its Facebook page. The other pages have links to the stories, poems and memoirs I have written over the years

Thank you for visiting. I hope you find something of interest here.